I've been fortunate enough to write about art more or less continuously since 2010 when Alton Frabetti offered me my first assignment for AEQAI.  After a few false starts -and with a lot of help an encouragement from Franklin Einspruch- I've had works published in City Beat, Art Critical, Abstract Critical and ART PAPERS.

I joined the pool of regular contributors to Chicago's New City in 2013 and have been writing for them ever since.  I want to thank Jason Foumberg and Matt Morris for being both good friends and good editors.

Below is an archive of everything I have published prior to 2015. In the process of building a new website, one of the things I dreaded most was the thought of transferring four years worth of writing into a new platform.  I decided that links would be enough. After all, its not like anyone reads this stuff.



Review: ‘Clare E. Rojas at Kavi Gupta Elizabeth St.’ NewCity

Review:  ‘Josiah McElhney at Corbett vs. Dempsey’ NewCity

Review: ‘Milton Resnick at Mana Contemporary’ NewCity

EXPO Dispatch: Figures that Stand their Ground’ NewCity

EXPO Dispatch: Sara Charlesworth at AIC’ NewCity

Review: ‘New Image Painting at Shane Campbell Gallery’ NewCity    

Review: ‘Valpuri Kylmänen and Ari Pelkonen at Western Exhibitions’ NewCity

Review: ‘Matthew Girson at Chicago Cultural Center’ NewCity

Review: ‘Nicholas Gottlund at ParisLondonHongKong’ NewCity

Review: ‘Morris Barazani at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art’ NewCity

Review: ‘David Schutter at Rhona Hoffman Gallery’ NewCity

Review: ‘Ben Murray at Monique Meloche Gallery’ NewCity

Review: ‘Judy Ledgerwood at the Graham Foundation' NewCity

Review: ‘Christopher Wool at the Art institute of Chicago’ NewCity

Review: ‘Monica Rezman at Packer Schopf Gallery’ NewCity

Review: ‘Dan Devening at the Tarble Art Center’  NewCity

“Provisional Painting Three Hypotheses” Abstract Critical

‘The Mapmakers’ The New York Times Science Section.

 Review: Michael Rakowitz at Rhona Hoffman Gallery NewCity

Review: ‘Sofia Leiby at Devening Projects and Editions NewCity



‘Flight of the Fly’ The New York Times Science Section.

Review: Vidvuds Zviedris/McCormick Gallery

The Illusion of Progress for Abstract Critical

Review: Alain Biltereyst at Devening Projects

“Art 50: Chicago’s Visual Vanguard” for NewCity

Review: Cody Hudson at Andrew Rafacz

Conrad Freiburg at Linda Warren for Newcity

Shane Rodems at Peter Miller Gallery for NewCity

Kara Walker at AIC for NewCity

Chelsea Knight at Aspect Ratio for NewCity

Kate Levant’s ‘Inhuman Indifference’ for NewCity

Lou Beach at AdventureLand Works on Paper

McArthur Binion at Kavi Gupta

Thomas Demand at the Graham Foundation

Molly Briggs at Zg Gallery

‘Painting the Void’ at MCA

Judith Geichman’s ‘New Paintings’ for NewCity

Rainer Spangl at Devening Projects for NewCity

‘Fearsome Fable’ at HPAC for NewCity

Lauren Levato’s “Wunderkammer” for NewCity

Andrew Graham at Roy Boyd for NewCity



“Under Siege” for Smile Politely

“Made in Champaign” for Smile Politely

‘Art in the Present Tense’ for Art Critical

Tanner’s ‘Modern Spirit’ for Citybeat

‘The Great Escape’ for  CityBeat

Paul Schuette at Semantics

Joseph Winterhalter ‘Revolution in the Head’ for CityBeat

Alice Pixley Young “Looking Glass” for CityBeat

Dasha Shishkin: ‘Gorgeous and Grotesque’

Monet in Giverny: Landscapes of Reflection



‘Born Again’ for Aeqai

'A New Reality’ for CityBeat

Carmel Buckley ‘In Love with Line’ for CityBeat

Richard George 'A Fine Line'

Dispatch from Chicago for Art Critical

Harry Reisiger: Lyrical Modernist

Dispatch from Louisville for Art Critical

"Meet the New Century"

Susan Schuler "Water Garden"

Dispatch from Cincinnati for Art Critical

A Theory of Context for AEQAI